American Potato Salad Recipe

american potato salad recipe
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American Potato Salad Recipe History

Spanish explores in the 16th century discovered the production of potatoes in South America. After the discovery, the traders and farmers bought this vegetable back to their homeland. The vegetable was then officially introduced to Europe by farmers and merchants. Considering the European style, the american potato salad recipe is served as a warm dish. The salad ingredients are vinegar, olive oil and herbs.

After the European version, the dish was introduced in America by the Europeans settlers in the 19th century. The Classical American potato salad recipe at that time was introduced in the variation with the European-style by adding a touch of mayonnaise.

Origin of American Potato Salad

The evolution of american potato salad recipe was derived with the American Administrators following World War II. The soldiers and the government workers at the time of World War II moved to an island in Micronesia for settlement and establishment of the American administration.

Chamorro men during that time were appointed in the US Navy as mess attendants (cooks) who created this classical salad version to Gaum in the navy kitchens.

In particular, women in the mess were given the task to cook the american potato salad recipe. The women who were assigned to make this salad for a fiesta or any party always tried to give the salad a beautiful and a mesmerizing look. They particularly focused on the presentation style of the salad. They decorating the salad with hard-boiled eggs, cut into the shapes of flowers. Moreover, they sprinkled small chunks of vegetables such as red pimentos to make the salad bowl look more beautiful.

Now let us tell you how this salad platter is prepared!

The Classical American style salad is served cold and it includes mayonnaise and variety of chopped vegetable chunks.

American Potato Salad Recipe:

american potato salad recipe

1-    4 large Idaho Potatoes

2-    3 hard-boiled eggs, chopped

3-    1 ½ large dill pickles, chopped

4-    1 4 ounce jar pimentos chopped

5-    1 4 ½ ounce can olives, chopped

6-    Salt and pepper to taste

7-    1 cup mayonnaise (approximate)

Preparation Method

1-    Boil the potatoes until they are soft.

2-    Once the potatoes are boiled, cut them into medium-sized pieces.

3-    Add pickles, pimentos, and olives in the salad bowl and mix it well

4-    Add salt, pepper and a cup of mayonnaise and mix it well together.

5-    In a bowl or a platter, decorate the salad with spring onions or parsley (as you desire).

6-    Refrigerate it and serve cold.

This salad, in general, is considered as a side dish ‘appetizer’, but it can be eaten with freshly baked bread and other appetizers as well.

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