Feature: Exclusive: extracts from the Halo TV series pilot script

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Earlier in the week we got the news that the Halo TV series is apparently still in development, despite not peeking its head above the parapet in the five years since it was officially announced. In the wake of that news, we have fragments of the script for the pilot episode. Our understanding is that part of the reason for the extended delay was a fairly last minute pivot on the concept during pre-production, influenced by the success of Star Trek: Discovery. This new idea for the Halo series will follow the events of the first Halo game but sees Master Chief featuring only sparsely, as more of a cameo character, and instead focuses on a non-combat member of the Pillar of Autumn crew who survives the crash onto Halo and must fight to survive whilst the Chief is off doing his main plotline heroics.

As you can see from these extracts, this script takes some surprising risks, but we’d be fully on board with this direction for the series if it came to pass

The first extract looks to be the cold open, which contains some immediate hooks to excite Halo fans and some drama to interest non-gamers:

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