Guide: How to make gold in quickly in Sea of Thieves: tips and tricks to get rich quick

Sea of Thieves Screenshots

The name of the game in Sea of Thieves (apart from ‘Sea of Thieves’) is piracy. And what do pirates want, apart from adequate vitamin C to ward off scurvy? That’s right: gold! Filthy lucre! Vast hordes of riches with which to buy fancy lookin’ coats and suchlike. Here are a few tips to getting rich quick, or at least quicker than you would without them, in Rare’s new piratical PvP adventure.

Always check for extra treasure chests

Never leave an island as soon as you’ve got what your voyage demands from it. The bigger an island is the more likely it is to have bonus chests tucked away somewhere, additional to the animals or treasure or skeletons you’ve been sent to steal/capture/kill. If you’ve got the time and there are no rival sails cresting the waves on the horizon, spend a few minutes having a quick scooch around. Check caves and high spots and tucked away places, but don’t underestimate the possibility of there being quite a high value chest just… out in the open. Like it’s no big deal.

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