Iris Apfel campaigns for Australian Fashion Brand

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Iris Apfel, the fashion diva, at the age of 94 never really thought about being tired and lazy for following brands and style, yet she shows sincere love for new trending styles.
Iris has been chosen as the stylish ambassador for an Australian brand Blue Illusion. In her Blue Illusion Ad Testimonial, she says, “I never think of age. It is just a number! It’s a matter of attitude.”
While giving an interview to the stylecaster, Iris was asked about her favorite New York Style, on which she replied that “There’s uptown style and downtown style and all kinds of style. I mean, I don’t know that it’s “style”—it’s a way of dressing, but if you want to call it style….”

Following the fashion mania, three of Iris’s videos were revealed on the internet earlier. Have a look at the videos here:

Blue Illusion’s co-founder, Donna Guest while sharing her views regarding the campaign and the style ambassador Irish Apfel on mashable said that Iris is a perfect fit for the brand.

“She’s eye catching. So for me, Iris is Blue Illusion. She’s a woman with a sense of self and holds no apologies only ‘oops’ at least, I tried,” Guest told Mashable in an email. “There is a certain strength to her that I admire, from her interior design career and family life to building this elegantly powerful public voice at age 94! There’s no doubt in mind Iris is chic.”

Iris Apfel Pictures of Blue Illusion Campaign

If Iris in the age of 94 can follow style with such enthusiasm, then why not people like us can pay a little more attention to the fashion vogue that can give us chic look.

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Image Courtesy: Blue Illusion 

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