News: Capcom reveals details of Street Fighter V Arcade Edition’s Arcade Mode

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Street Fighter V Arcade Mode screenshots

Capcom has today revealed more detail on the upcoming Arcade Mode to be added to Street Fighter V in its new Arcade Edition launching in January. 

In a post on the Capcom Unity Blog, it’s revealed the mode will offer fighters the opportunity to take one of six paths, each based on a previous Street Fighter title including II, Alpha and IV among others. You’ll only be able to take a path with the fighters that appeared in that particular game, although they’re being quite broad with that description as Kolin only appeared briefly in that game’s intro for Gill. 

As you follow a path, branching choices will offer you a harder bout after each fight and accepting this challenge will increase your score which will contribute towards a leaderboard where the highest scoring player for that month will nab themselves a unique title.

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