News: Cliff Bleszinski accuses Epic Games of trying to poach Boss Key staff

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Boss Key Productions chief and Gears of War designer Cliff Bleszinski has publicly accused Epic Games of trying to pinch his staff in light of the announcement of his latest project, Radical Heights.

Bleszinski aired his frustrations on Twitter (via PCgamesinsider), where he called for the developer to ‘stop trying to hire away my team.’ Obviously, he didn’t actually say who Epic was attempting to take on board, but it does come a few months after Boss Key’s co-founder, Arjan Brussee, jumped ship to join the former Gears of War developer.

The veteran games designer followed up his Tweet with another post saying the industry is big enough for more than one title in a genre, clearly referencing fact Radical Heights is competing in the battle royale space alongside Epic’s Fortnite.

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