News: Dead Secret is coming to PSVR and PS4

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Dead Secret promo

Dead Secret, the virtual reality mystery-horror romp from Robot Invader, is coming to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR later this month, Frame Interactive has announced.

Due out on April 26, Dead Secret will be playable with or without Sony’s virtual reality gaming headset, and features an interesting concept: Players must solve a grizzly murder before, in turn, being murdered themselves. Expect to creep around an abandoned home, rooting through hidden documents and digging around the past of an eccentric old chap named Harris Bullard. 

‘This was a really exciting opportunity. Not only are these guys my friends, but the devs at Robot Invader are like walking horror game encyclopedias. They’ve collectively played through over a hundred horror games, from blockbuster hits to obscure rarities,’ said Frame Interactive’s Ben Throop.

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