News: God of War video confirms Kratos has ‘hit rock bottom emotionally’

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God of War Kratos Rage

God of War developer Sony Santa Monica Studio has released a new video detailing what angry anti-hero Kratos has been up to since that God of War 3 ending. In short? A lot of thinking and wondering around on his lonesome. 

‘Kratos has undergone a lot of change, so that when he ends God of War 3 and is transitioning into this one, there’s a period of time where he’s kind of wondering the earth alone. And he believes being alone probably is better,’ said Creative Director Cory Barlog. ‘The reality is he has internal problems, and he needs to face those, he needs to deal with them. In my mind, he has hit rock bottom emotionally.’

Barlog revealed during a recent interview that the team initially considered having Kratos star in God of War without his son, Atreus, which would have resulted in a whole different experience. 

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