News: Konami reveals first video of Metal Gear Survive’s single player campaign

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Metal Gear Survive Screenshots

Metal Gear Survive is expected pretty soon actually, with a February 22 release date. So it’s high time Konami showed the Kojima-less spin off’s single player campaign, which it has done with a six minute walkthrough video.

Introduced and narrated by the game’s producer Yuki Korekado, we get a look at the crafting and hunting aspects of the game, as players are tasked with building up your base camp as they undertake missions and fight off the Wanderers. By gathering resources and recipes, players will, as the title suggests, try to survive either by themselves or with other players co-operatively. 

Konami has also announced an open beta is to take place for the game between January 18 to January 21 2018 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, before the February release.

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