News: Prince of Persia creator is keen on resurrecting the franchise

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Prince of Persia hero shot

Ah, Prince of Persia. Back in the days when half-tucks weren’t a thing and a certain Miss Croft was thinking of hanging up her grappling hook, the franchise was one of the indisputed kings of the action-adventure genre, dominating the early-mid 2000s with its compelling blend of combat and platforming.

Sadly, it’s been seven years since we’ve seen a new game, which apart from reminding us what a git time can be, is pretty disappointing for a once-great series. However, its creator has given new hope today that the Prince may yet make a long-awaited comeback down the line.

Speaking on Twitter, Jordan Mechner responded to comments from Chrissy Teigan, who lamented the loss of the franchise and revealed how much she enjoyed playing it. While Mechner’s reply didn’t outright confirm anything is set in stone, it’s certainly the best news we’ve had in a while.

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