News: Star Wars Battlefront’s Season Pass is free right now on PS4

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EA is certainly trying to gain everyone’s attention before it releases the upcoming sci-fi spectacular, Star Wars Battlefront II. If you go onto the PlayStation Store right now, you can buy the Ultimate Edition of the first Star Wars: Battlefront for £3.99. That’s the base game for the multiplayer shooter, and all of the DLC, for a whole £4.

If you’ve already bought the game, but you didn’t buy the DLC or season pass, you can also download the Star Wars Battlefront Season Pass for free. The season pass grants players access to four DLC expansions, adding four new maps, game modes, heroes, weapons and Star Cards. If you’re buying the game right now, for the very first time, it’s the equivalent of spending £1 per DLC expansion. That’s brilliant!

These great offers only last for week, however, as next week the Star Wars Battlefront Season Pass will no longer be free, and the price of the Ultimate Edition will go back up to £24.99. This gives fans and newcomers the perfect opportunity to give the game one final go before picking up the even more expansive Battlefront II when that comes out on November 17.

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