News: Watch Dogs 3 is in the works according to Ubisoft’s AI assistant

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Watch Dogs Aiden Pearce

Ubisoft’s gaming assistant Sam (yeah, we had totally forgotten that the AI buddy was even a thing, but there you go) has apparently let slip that the company is working on Watch Dogs 3.

Okay, so we’d like to point out right away that this is by no means confirmation that a new instalment in the open-world hacking franchise is in the works, but it’s food for thought for a few reasons. First of all, according to a UbiCentral video, Sam had no qualms in answering a question about a new Watch Dogs game when asked, giving the following response:

‘Watch Dogs 3 is not finished yet, but from the last early build I tried it’s very solid. The Dev team works wonders! Can’t wait for you to try it!’ 

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