HP Shares Importance of Printers for Entrepreneurs

Printers for Entrepreneurs
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Printers for Entrepreneurs:

HP Shares Importance of Printers for Entrepreneurs .HP Printers are making its way to the life of small entrepreneurs who intend to set their small scale business with the best possible, cheap and accessible facilities around them.
Director of Product Planning for HP, Inc, in a convention held at the Portugal Capital, quoted the importance of printers, explaining what exactly the printer do for us and our business.
Considering a common man and talking to him about printers won’t reveal too much of information and feature expectancy but when HP comes in, you can actually expect a much more detailed brief regarding the product launch and the key specs of previous projects.
Talking about the newly launched product titled as Printing Reinvented, HP explained that it is one their biggest product launch so far. The launch specifically focuses on the entrepreneurs because HP thinks about small businesses too.

What to expect from this launch:
1- Security: As the technological world is completely advance so maintaining the security of your documents is a hectic job. But this launch is completely an e-secure launch where loss and hacking of your documents are nearly impossible.
2- Super Fast Duplex Printing: Printing two sides of double-sided documents at a very fast speed is what HP has introduced.
Talking about the star product at the event, HP noted that they are launching PageWide Printers today.
PageWide Printers has been designed with commercial and industrial features. They are large-format printers and they differ from the ones that are used in the offices.
In these printers, ink always remain stationary and it sprays the paper as it moves, but comparing it with the printers that are used in the offices, the ink cartridge moves back and forth to spray on the paper.
HP in the launch has worked to cut down these desktop features of large printers into small printers that ca be used in the offices and can be useful for small businesses.


According to USA TODAY, there are fewer moving parts with no ink cartridge going back and forth. Instead, there is a stationary a cartridge that spans the entire width of a page (hence, PageWide) with 42,000 nozzles that spray ink on paper. The result is color documents that are not only gorgeous but which print incredibly fast. How fast? Up to 75 pages, a minute fast.
Secondly, when there are fewer moving parts there is less maintenance required for the printers. With no melting toner, fewer supplies, less packaging, less energy consumption, and less waste, HP says that these printers have the lowest carbon footprint in their class.

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