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It turn Out The Rumors for Nelly Are All actual! His Ex girlfriend Tae Heckard CONFIRMS that he is..

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Celebrity News : Nelly has been all in the headlines these days, and this time his girlfriend has confirmed that the rapper is honestly….

# Nelly just released a new mixtape


And whilst his greatest fanatics are flocking to get the new tune, his ex girlfriend has something absolutely specific in mind.



# Is forty one Over the Hill?

Jay-Z could say ‘no, however Nelly’s ex says ‘sure’.



# Haters Gonna Hate or women realize fine?

Discover us a face of an ex girlfriend who has some thing excellent to mention about their former guy and we will show you the pot of gold on the cease of the rainbow….



# Tae Heckard says Nelly is way too old to be placing out mixtapes


seems like a sour ex to us. What’s the consensus? Reality or trifling?

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